5 Steps To Increase Inbox Delivery

Here are the top 5 tips for avoiding the junk folder and land in the inbox instead.

1. Use valid and existing email addresses for the ‘from’ and ‘reply’ fields

Spam filters scan to check that addresses you use actually exist and are coming from the domain it claims to be sent from. The only reason you’d use non-existent email addresses is if you’re sending spam and want to be rejected.

2. Avoid using “no-reply@domain.com” addresses

Bad news for delivery rates in the long run and akin to self-sabotage, ‘no-reply’s’ are often used in promotional emails. We know you might not actually want to receive replies, but this address has a bad rep with internet service providers and spam filters. Set up a mailbox for replies, even if you never check it.

3. The subject line really says it all

Your subject line is important and equivalent to a news headline but it doesn’t have to read like one. Avoid punctuation overuse, stick to 40 characters and keep it sentence case, no-one wants to feel like they’re being yelled at to open your email. And besides, these are mistakes spammers make and if it looks like spam, it’s going to the spam box.

4. Keep the content clean and tidy-like

The same rules above apply to both content and design. Keep track of the spam you receive, take note of all the elements and make sure your campaigns don’t bear a resemblance to the following:

  • Bright red fonts, too many colours, styles and inconsistent formatting.
  • Too many spam triggers like “win, score, free, sale now on, act now, limited or offer”
  • Too many spam triggers, followed by tons of exclamation marks!!!!!!!
  • Writing text that looks like your Caps Lock key jammed and stayed that way.
  • A newsletter that’s just one huge image. Avoid using only text or only images, aim for balance.
  • Your emails should be concise. Very long mails run the risk of being treated as spam.

5. Send both formats, just in case

Don’t send the HTML version of the email by itself; always include a plain-text alternative in case the HTML format is not supported.

Use our “Spam Score” tool for an indication of how likely your email will be treated as spam, or not. You should aim for a rating of less than 3 even though the spam threshold is 5 out of 10.