Automate Your Campaigns

You can use our set-and-forget drip campaigns, A/B Split Testing, and automatic response emails to make lead-nurturing and on-boarding a cinch.

Drip Campaigns

Stay top-of-mind, and free up time with promotional or educational drip campaigns. Keep contacts engaged with a timed series of pre-written messages based on contact-specific actions.

Triggers & Autoresponders

You can use triggers and autoresponders to automatically send messages to contacts when they perform a specific action.


Send automated welcome mails to new subscribers, or confirmation mails when subscribers click on an RSVP link in a previous mail.


You can use triggers to create automatic actions based on a message that you've sent to your subscribers.

A/B Test Two Emails &
Automatically Send the Best One

Test small changes to your email designs to see which version is most effective.

Schedule Messages to Send
Automatically on Desired Date & Time

Time your emails for optimal effect.

Whether you need to send messages on birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or simply business hours, Everlytic’s scheduling tools give you the control you need.