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Where Has My Airtime Gone?

With the growing data usage demanded by social media, cellular phone apps, and the more esoteric usage by apps such as the iTunes Store or Google Play Store, it’s no wonder most customers wonder, “ Where has all my airtime gone? ” If you find yourself asking this question on a weekly, if not daily… Read More »

Mobile Email

Email On Mobile – The Proof Is In The Stats

Is email marketing dead? I can sense some rolling of the eyes, and the grunting of “Not this argument again!” Fair enough, each leopard has its own spots and while some business leaders and marketers will roar a resounding YES and argue that social media, and other digital communication forms are where the focus should… Read More »

AMP Cell Phone

A Faster, Open Mobile Web

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way we access information, and today people consume a tremendous amount of news on their phones. This holds especially true for publishers globally, who use the mobile web to reach these readers, but the experience often leaves a lot to be desired. Every time a webpage takes too long… Read More »