Call to action links


Call to actions are used to prompt subscribers to click on a link as a way of getting readers to interact with the content of your email.

Think about this when creating a call to action:

Location: Where is your call to action link placed? Is it visible? Does it clearly communicate what you want users to do?

Presentation: Is your call to action shown as text or an image? Link text in addition to an image should your readers not be able to view the image.

Destination:  Take users directly to the landing page communicated by the link. A ‘read more’ should go directly to the full article, not a page where they’d have to search for it.

Important Links: Include unsubscribe or complaint links, web version, forward to friend and other important links that will improve the legitimacy, viewability and reach of your email.

Tracking: Do you know who is clicking on your links and which links are more popular? If your objective is for someone to click on specific link, you need to track your click through rates.

Test: Please ensure that your links are working correctly. It would be pointless prompting a user to click on a broken link.

Think carefully about what you want to achieve with your call to action links and prompt your users accordingly.