Click Through Rates

What is a click through?

A click through rate is the percentage of email recipients that clicked on a link inside your email. Usually ‘ Call to action‘ links  encourage click throughs, where even a simple word change to your call to action could increase your click through rates significantly. Click here to create a call to action link.

Switch up your call to action links

Test your call to action links by changing wording, using an image and text and alternating the placement of the link in the email.

  • “You should follow me on Twitter here” increased CTR by over 75% when compared with “Follow me on Twitter”.
  • Obox reported a 200% increase in sales after changing their CTA from “Visit our theme shop” to “See Options and Pricing”.

Monitor your click statistics very closely once you’ve made changes for testing purposes.

Compare campaigns and results

Use Everlytic’s link performance and heat map reports to determine whether or not there was an impact on your click through rates.

  • Click on ‘Reports’ on the main navigation bar on top and select ‘Email’.
  • Click on the email and then on the detailed icon.
  • Look at the ‘Link performance’ and ‘Link heat map’ results on your right.

Export the results for all call to action campaigns to compare messages and determine trends.