Email Marketing Trends


Trends give us an idea of movement and progress on campaigns over a period of time, whether negative or positive. Everlytic provides metrics that helps you monitor trends on campaigns.

Take note of message metrics

  • Unsubscribes
  • Open rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Forward to a friend
  • Complaints

What goes up, must come down

Especially if it’s bounce rates, unsubscribes and complaints. These are numbers you don’t want increasing while open rates, clicks and forward to a friend are numbers you want to increase.

If your bounce rate suddenly goes up, stop. Look at what you did differently for that campaign. Did you use a new, image-heavy design? Were there words that triggered spam filters?

Double check your source of subscribers and make sure everything is above board when you send to a new list for the first time. You want to confirm that you’re sending to active, valid email addresses for recipients that have given you their permission to send to them.

When you spot a trend or even a sudden change, look at what’s changed to cause the shift. Did you adjust your sending frequency? It could be that some subscribers are hearing from you more often now and have decided to opt-out.

Change for the better

Have you changed your From name? Your content? Your template? These could all be positives too! It might be that changing your From name increased recognition or interest in the inbox and your open rate reflects that positive upward trend.

If your forward to a friend numbers are increasing you’d want to know why more people were forwarding your emails so you could do more of the same. Analyze what you’re doing that is causing the trend, good or bad.

Keep track of trends

View trend reports in Everlytic with message and list reports. Detailed list reporting will clearly show spikes and/or dips within your communications.