Email Marketing

Everlytic gives you the power to implement complex email marketing campaigns with ease. Our large-scale sending infrastructure ensures fast delivery and the best delivery rates, all fully POPI compliant.

Manage and Grow Your Lists

Organise your contact data into one central location for effortless list management. Our convenient import architecture lets you coordinate your subscribers while gaining insight on every interaction. Read More

Import Contacts from Anywhere

Upload, copy and paste, import from a server, or connect to an online service. Conveniently store and manage your contact data in one place.

Create Unique Custom Fields

Set up your own custom fields to gather unique information about your contacts. Implement your custom fields to personalise subscription forms and manage subscriber preferences.

Observe Customer Trends

Keep track of each contact’s interaction with your campaigns and messages. Use behavioural data to segment, filter, and personalise your campaigns to deliver messages that cater to individual interests and behavioural trends.

Easy Effortless Emails with the Builder

Drag-and-drop your content to create visually appealing and professional emails. Read More

Track, Measure, and Optimise

Spend less time crunching numbers and more time planning powerful campaigns. Everlytic allows you to accurately track ROI with campaign optimisation, meaningful reporting, and real-time tracking.

Know who’s reading, when they read it

Our real-time tracking lets you know exactly who is reading your emails and SMSes, when they read it. Drill down into contact interactions to discover how many times a contact opens your email. Geolocation tracking even tells you where they are when they open it.

Reports that are more than just numbers

Our reports give you insight and understanding. Heat maps show which parts of the email interest them the most. Device and platform reports show which email program your contacts are using, and whether it’s on a desktop or mobile device.

Deep insights and real connections

All of our reports are aimed at giving you a deep understanding of how your contacts prefer to engage with you. We will show you how to take this data and use it to optimise your campaigns and make real connections with your customers.


Gauge how your contacts interact with your marketing messages, start real conversations, strengthen relationships, and connect on a personal level.