Automate Campaigns


Nurture contacts from their first interaction with the company through to becoming engaged customers. Create complex, compelling campaigns with Everlytic’s powerful features aimed at the contact life-cycle with multi-step drip campaigns, triggered messages, autoresponders, automated data syncing, and fetch from URL to automatically build newsletters from your website content.

Drip Campaigns

Keep contacts engaged with your company, or provide educational content on products or services, by sending a timed series of pre-written messages based on contact-specific actions. Automate both email and SMS campaigns with this powerful feature. Drip campaigns are automated. After you have composed the messages and set up the drip triggers and timing, you can leave the campaign to run automatically.

Triggers & Autoresponders

You can use triggers and autoresponders to automatically send messages to contacts when they perform a specific action. For example, if a contact subscribes to a newsletter, Everlytic can send them a welcome mail. You can also use autoresponders to send “how to” guides to customers who have purchased a product from you.

Automated Data

Schedule automatic contact information syncing with CRM systems and automatically pull updated contact information back into your internal systems to keep subscriber data up to date.

Import from URL

If you have a Content Management System (CMS), such as Joomla or WordPress, or you send recurring communications like a daily newsletter, the Import from URL feature allows you to generate your newsletters automatically by fetching the online content and sending it to your contacts without you having to re-create the content.

Social Sharing

Everlytic allows you to integrate your account with a wide range of social media platforms. Integrated accounts give you access to your contacts, and allow you to share messages and campaigns with your friends and followers on your social media channels.