Manage Customer Data


Managing your database can often feel tedious and time-consuming. When developing Everlytic, we included tools that will make email database management easier, and provide you with valuable customer engagement details.

Integrate, Import and Export

You can import or export data at the touch of a button. Pull contacts from Google Docs, and other services, or integrate with your own CRM to sync data. Exporting your contact database is just as easy. We also offer list merging, with built-in safeguards to make sure the system doesn’t duplicate contacts or lose their data.

Behavioural Data

Keep track of each person’s interaction with your campaigns and messages. Use behavioural data to segment, filter, and personalise your campaigns to deliver messages that cater to individual interests behavioural trends. Everlytic uses contact engagement activity to generate a score for each person on your database. Actions such as reads, clicks, forwards, and bounces are used to calculate the contact’s score.

Database Cleansing

Good database hygiene is essential. List hygiene is the practice of keeping your email lists clean, and making sure subscribers are active. By removing invalid and duplicate email addresses, and setting unresponsive contacts so they no longer receive emails, Everlytic improves your chances of successfully reaching the inbox. Each contact’s status is visible at a glance, and Everlytic records any changes in a contact’s status.

Data Integrity

Everlytic is POPI and CPA compliant ensuring that the integrity of your data is always upheld to the highest possible standard.