Track, Measure and Optimise


Get the most accurate engagement statistics as Everlytic tracks and monitors contacts’ interactions with your campaigns. Geolocation reportings lets you target your contacts with relevant, region-specific content, products, or services with geolocation reporting. Integration with Google Analytics helps track traffic to your website and attribute ROI from your email marketing efforts.


Meaningful reporting lets you know which campaigns drive the best results. Real-time reporting presents useful information upfront, and makes trend-spotting much easier. Use platform reports to identify the most popular devices and browsers used to view your emails so that you can target your email design to those platforms. Get a holistic view of subscriber behaviour with engagement reports that measure positive recipient behaviour.


Fine-tune campaigns before you send them using optimisation tools like the spam score assessor and compatibility preview. These simple tools improve delivery rates by highlighting common problems in your emails, so you can remove them before pressing Send. The integrated spam tester uses a large database of common words and other red flags that may result in your email being marked as spam. Our compatibility testing tools let you preview emails across all major email clients . Use the A/B Split test to compare two emails against each other to determine the best subject lines, content, and email design.