Everlytic inspires

What do 170 marketers and Everlytic have in common? Well, the simple answer to this is email, and more specifically how South Africans interact with marketing emails.

On May 27, Everlytic grabbed the attention of a full-house of marketers across different industries during a business breakfast to reveal the results of two intensive studies into how local people behave in the inbox.

Despite an early start to the day, those attending on the morning labeled the event as insightful and inspiring. The overall feedback on the event was positive and encouraging with comments including: “Excellent effort by Everlytic – very well done to their marketing team. Am extremely impressed.”

“I thought it was such an awesome idea, as companies normally look at new ways and spend a fortune not knowing if it would work or not. Here you are looking at something that is already in existence and in fact a dying platform, that can be re – visited to bring in revenue.

“I am impressed with Everlytic’s research and determination to bring their clients the recent information on social media and measuring ROI. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge.”

“Awesome content and very well organised. Well done team Everlytic!”

“Thank you for a fantastic event – it was very valuable.”

Commenting on the studies, Everlytic’s MD, Walter Penfold said: “We conducted these studies after hearing the frustrations of many marketers about the lack of local email marketing data that would help them to make strategic decisions about their own campaigns, or measure effectiveness against some
established benchmark.”

If your company would benefit from the wealth of information contained in these reports, contact Everlytic on 011 447 6147 or visit www.everlytic.co.za.

Author: Jeanette Phillips

As a lover and an enthusiast of the written word, Jeanette Phillips has a writing background spanning over 10 years. Dabbling in different disciplines such as B2B, PR, Social Media and research reporting, Jeanette loves action words like energy and catalyst and describes herself in adjectives like bohemian and cultured. Her passion is to weave sentences into stories that aim to motivate and inspire. Her loathe is to discuss herself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.