You have probably landed on this page because one of our customers used Everlytic to send you an email, which you have traced back here.

Everlytic is an enterprise-level cloud service that our customers use to communicate with their contacts via email, mobile, and social channels.

We have many Eversrv.com mail servers, which we use to send millions of emails each day, for thousands of South African companies.

We educate our customers on email etiquette with our research white papers, improve our service with real-life case studies, and guide our customers to comply with spam laws such as the POPI Act. All of this is to ensure their subscribers only receive POPI- and CPA-compliant email campaigns.

If you would like to report an abusive campaign, either email or SMS, please report it to: abuse@everlytic.com. We will take the necessary action against the relevant party.