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Best practice for opt-in and opt-outs

Subscribing to a newsletter mailing list is called opting-in. When you don’t want to receive emails anymore, you would need to unsubscribe or opt-out. This same principle applies to commercial mobile communications. Opting-in and out complies with digital communication best practice. Best practice for opt-ins We recommend double opt-in opposed to single opt-in. Not only is double opt-in… Read More »

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6 C’s of permission

Permission based communication legitimises email and digital marketing and these 6 C’s are a best practice guideline: Consent: A person consciously agrees and gives permission to receive your email communication. Choice: Give your subscribers the choice on communications they want to receive. Clarity: Ensure the sign-up process is straightforward and simple. Confirmation: It’s good practice… Read More »

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3 Steps To a Successful Inbound Campaign

Inbound marketing tracks the consumer through three phases: to find your target, to ensure that they convert (or take an action on your message) and then finally to analyse the success of your message or campaign. This is ultimately the journey of a campaign message. Firstly, identify and build your audience. Find out who they… Read More »

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