How do I add a domain?

How do I add a domain?

Set up the sending domain and use settings generated in My Profile to enhance email deliverability. Click on ‘My Account’ on the main navigation and ‘Domains’ under My Profile in the dropdown.

  • New: create a new sending domain. This is an extension of the from email address.
  • Delete: delete an existing domain.
  • Advanced: analyse the domain or send a verification email to verify whether your settings are correct.

Add a domain

  • Add your sending domain by clicking on the New. A properties panel will display on the right
  • Enter you domain details ( or It should be the same as the ‘from’ email address domain.
  • You’ll be prompted for the Email address that will be used as the ‘From’ email when creating and sending emails from the system.
  • Insert an existing, valid email address.
  • Click on Save in the top right to save the domain.
  • You can repeat these steps if you have more than one domain or sending email address in use.
  • Click on the domain name to view the preview panel.
  • The preview panel displays the domain Properties, Verification, Text records and Google Analytics tabs.

Google Analytics

Google analytics can be enabled on your account to track traffic from your message to your website. When a message is sent, Google Analytics tags can be attached to the links in the message to track the source of traffic to your website. For this to work correctly Google Analytics must be enabled on your website.