How to reference images in email


Image file sizes, background images and other advice for the best results needs to be considered when getting images into email. 

When image files aren’t referenced correctly, they can be inaccessible to viewers, Read how to make them work Properly for Best Email Image Results.

The image is on your desktop, visible only to you

Image files are still referencing a user’s desktop, usually because of copying and pasting the image into your email. When you copy and paste an image from your desktop or a document such as Microsoft Word, the email is trying to point to and reference the image from your desktop.

You might view it perfectly fine, but that’s because it’s on your computer. Everyone else receiving your email won’t have access to your desktop and they won’t be able to view images in the email.

That’s why all images in your HTML email need to be ‘hosted’ on a web server. This way, your email recipients are able to point to the hosted images and pull them into the proper locations in your email layout when viewing your message. Click here to upload your images in the Everlytic image gallery, we host them for free.

Absolute URL’s aren’t used, same problem

An absolute URL references the image path, where the image lives in the folder on a website.

Having the image name in the HTML (img src”images/logo.jpg”) is not enough.

Having the image path as an absolute reference looks like a unique URL and looks something like this:

img src=” /users/images/everlytic/logo.jpg”.

Whenever an image ”breaks” and can’t be viewed in your email, it’s because it hasn’t been uploaded to the server and inserted correctly. If it has, then the image path isn’t referenced absolutely.  If your message preview doesn’t come through or you’re unable to save it, check if images are incorrectly inserted into your mailer.