Everlytic comes with loads of pre-built integrations into services like, MS Dynamics CRM, Google Docs, Magento, and more. However, should you want to integrate our system with one of your internal systems such as a CRM, CMS or ERP, we have a talented team of developers to help you get it right.


Using our powerful API, we can connect to anything that works with bits and bytes. We can ensure your customer data is synced with Everlytic to keep your contact information up to date, or trigger internal events like storing a lead in a CRM if someone replies to an email or SMS.

Automated Campaigns

We can automate campaigns that get triggered when a new customer comes on board, or create a ticket for your call centre when someone clicks on a call-to-action. We can fetch content from your website automatically, send campaigns at a scheduled time, and even share campaigns on social media without you having to do anything.


Any integration you can think of, our team of developers will find a solution for. They are here to make your job easier.