Native Connectivity to Various Platforms

Everlytic can synchronise your CRM and ERP systems with our software providing you with a holistic view of your data. This allows you to send relevant content to your contacts dependant on where they are in the purchase cycle.

Import your customer database into Everlytic through our pre-built integrations into platforms like, Google Docs, and Magento.

Simply log in to Everlytic, select your preferred service and link your account to start the import process.


Have your developers use Everlytic’s powerful API to integrate with your system as you see fit. Our API allows you to:

  • Create and Manage Contacts: Sync contacts from your system into Everlytic.
  • Manage Your Lists: Create, delete, and update your contact lists.
  • Send Email & SMS: Easily create email campaigns and messages, send SMSes and get replies.
  • Automate: Auto-sync your data with Everlytic, keeping your information up to date.

Our API documentation provides information and codes samples your developers can use for simpler integration and easier implementation.

Custom-Built Integrations on Request

We have a talented team of developers who are ready to integrate Everlytic with one of your internal CRM, CMS or ERP systems. Present your requirements and we will provide the best solution to suit your needs.
*Services will incur additional costs

Social Media Integrations

Everlytic has an integrations wizard to help you quickly, and easily, link your account with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Broadcast your email messages on your social media pages or insert social sharing buttons to allow your customers share your content.