Research Whitepapers

Everlytic has conducted several research studies concerning the email landscape of South Africa.
View these articles to download our research papers.

Email Marketing Benchmarks Report 2017

Everlytic analysed over 2 billion South African emails sent during the period of January 2016 to December 2016. In this report, we examine how email marketing metrics have changed over the past two years, and look at new benchmarks to strive for. For more detailed insights and to find out how your industry compares, download the Benchmarks Report.

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The State of Email Marketing in South Africa

Everlytic surveyed local companies to find out how they approach email marketing. The litmus test of sorts reveals how they get it done. South African businesses are prepared for email marketing, are you? See how email marketing fits into your organisation and if you are ticking the same checkboxes.

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Famous Quotes to Guide your Email Marketing

Join us on a trip down memory lane, as we tribute 10 famous quotes as postcards, adapted to email marketing. Each quote is true to life and can be used when running your email campaigns. Whether you need help getting started or running higher-level, intricate campaigns, these postcards will stand any email marketer in good stead when it comes to formulating their strategy.

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How to Run a Successful SMS campaign

Everlytic has compiled a guide containing the basic building blocks of an effective SMS campaign. If you’re using SMS as part of your marketing efforts (and you should be), these steps give you a breakdown of the elements necessary for a successful marketing SMS.

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The Anatomy of Awesome Emails 2015

Everlytic looked at the email campaigns sent by our clients in 2015 and have chosen  some of the best performers for you. These handpicked campaigns have been dissected to provide you with insight into why they’ve outperformed competitors when it comes to South African benchmarks for open and click rates.

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10 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Need to Go On Holiday This December

To end of 2015, we pay tribute to the discomforts and facepalm moments marketers had to endure this year, with the release of our 10 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Need to Go On Holiday This December. The guide offers recommendations on how to avoid getting on the wrong side of Digital Marketers, especially toward year-end.

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Guide to Successful Festive Email and SMS Marketing

Everlytic has produced this essential guide to help plan festive season marketing campaigns.  The mini-mag takes an in-depth look at all aspects to consider when planning and implementing email and SMS marketing campaigns this festive season. Look forward to hot topics such as subscriber management, design tips, a guide to SMS, facts and stats, how to plan for January and more. Download the mini-mag and take the opportunity to get some great festive season marketing insights.

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Demystifying the Inbox 2015

As a follow-up to the 2012 Demystifying the Inbox research, Everlytic presents the largest survey ever done showcasing how South Africans use and engage with email. A sample of 5190 people were surveyed to represent South Africa’s 27 million-odd unique browsers about how people from all cross sections of the online community interact with email. The results again uncovered interesting facts that are invaluable for anyone trying to engage an audience via email, so download the full report now.

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Email Marketing Benchmark Report 2015

In another South African first – the benchmark survey – Everlytic analysed over 1 billion emails sent in 2014 to bring you the latest email marketing benchmarks. The report presents hard data in the form of open rates, click-to-open rates, click rates, complaint rates and many more metrics, targeted toward a South African audience and broken up by industry and message types. For more detailed insights, download the Benchmark Survey.

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Guide to Best Performing Emails: Click Rates (Part 2)

To start off the new year we went on the hunt for some real “learning” nuggets from 2014, and we wanted to know:
Which clients had achieved exceptional success from their 2014 mailers based on two key metrics:

Open rates (Part 1)
Click Through rates (Part 2)
The research samples were based on emails sent to databases of approximately 10 000 contacts and more.

In Part 2 we identified the top five mailers that achieved click-through-rates of 10% or more (the SA benchmark is on average 3%).
If your mailer is getting similar click rates, you’re doing well. If you’re exceeding that, you need to take a bow.

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Guide to Best Performing Emails: Open Rates (Part 1)

Everlytic went on the hunt for some real “learning” nuggets to uncover which clients had achieved exceptional success from their 2014 mailers based on two key metrics: Open Rates (Part 1) and Click Through Rates (Part 2). The research samples were based on emails sent to databases of approximately 10 000 contacts and more. In Part 1 we selected clients who achieved open rates of over 40%. To put this into perspective the SA benchmark for a good open rate is between 15% to 20%, so if your mailer is hitting those open rates, then you’re doing well. However, if you’re exceeding that, you need to take a bow.

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Everlytic Top Tips for Email Marketing

Dip into some great email marketing insights with Everlytic’s Top Tips. Launched in September 2014, the Top Tips campaign served readers a daily marketing tip accompanied by a growing springtime garden.

The 20 tips were divided into the following sections: Content, Database, Design and Functionality, Delivery and Analytics. These themes are essential for all marketers when it comes to planning a core email marketing strategy. Download Everlytic’s Top Tips and take the opportunity to get some great email marketing insights.

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Guide to Navigating POPI

The introduction of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) puts the onus on companies and individuals to respect and protect the personal information they process in the course of routine business, including personal information of customers, prospective customers, employees, and suppliers. It is not limited to people but also applies to information about organisations, including communities and corporate entities. POPI has already been passed into law, but the act provides for a one-year grace period for businesses to become compliant. At the publishing date of this guide, the one-year grace period had not yet commenced due to its pending announcement.

Please Note: This is not a comprehensive guide to POPI, nor should it be considered any form of legal advice

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Demystifying the Inbox 2012 (Part 3)

What makes email users subscribe, open and read commercial emails? In Part 3 of the Demystifying the Inbox series we look at the different demographics and age groups of email users in South Africa, and how they specifically deal with issues related to subscribing and unsubscribing from email communication. For the full picture download Demystifying the Inbox Part 3.

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Demystifying the Inbox 2012 (Part 2)

Demystifying the Inbox Part 2 cuts through the ‘inbox” clutter. In Part 2 we look at how subscribers engage with commercial emails, newsletters and spam. We put paid to the myth of the unmanageable inbox, focusing on the amount of emails South Africans have to contend with; how many newsletters they’re subscribing to; how they deal with unnecessary mail, and how they follow through on emails that actually do interest them. For more insights download Demystifying the Inbox Part 2.

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