Sam amongst the best in SA

In recognition of the innovative ideas that have changed the business world and the forward thinkers behind them, FNB Business, in partnership with Endeavor South Africa, on June 4 hosted the Business Innovation Awards 2015.

Among the shortlisted candidates nominated for this year was Everlytic’s own Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Sam Hutchinson.  The overall winner on the night was Bruce Morgan, CEO of GreatSoft CRM, a company that specialises in the development and implementation of profit improvement systems for high performance firms in Africa.

The awards aim to recognise and celebrate the efforts of those high-impact entrepreneurs who have embraced many challenges to create world-class, innovative companies that continue to forge unique ways of doing business.

Says MD of Endeavor South Africa, Catherine Townshend: “The depth of innovation among SA’s entrepreneurs is often understated and this process certainly brought some of the country’s amazing entrepreneurs to the fore. We believe that every business that went through this process will walk away with a clear sense of what they need in order to scale and create even more jobs.”

The other nominees for 2015 were:

Petar Soldo and Tim Matthis, co-founders of market research company, Genex Holdings.

Trent Rossini and Mike Renzon, co-founders of InQuba, a company which offers real-time monitoring and management of customer experiences for organisations.

Dov Girnum, CEO and founder of Merchant Capital, a company that provides working capital (in the form of cash advances) to the Small and Medium Enterprises.

Andrew Cook and Andrew Burns, entrepreneurs behind the success of Smoke Customer Care Solutions, a company that enables continuous monitoring of service levels delivered in call centres, retail environments, online as well as every other customer touch point.

Stacey Brewer and Ryan Harrison, co-founders of Spark Schools which offers blended education model by loosening the constraints found in traditional schools.

Author: Jeanette Phillips

As a lover and an enthusiast of the written word, Jeanette Phillips has a writing background spanning over 10 years. Dabbling in different disciplines such as B2B, PR, Social Media and research reporting, Jeanette loves action words like energy and catalyst and describes herself in adjectives like bohemian and cultured. Her passion is to weave sentences into stories that aim to motivate and inspire. Her loathe is to discuss herself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.