Send campaigns to specific recipients


Here are 5 reasons why targeted, segmented communications is important for developing  a one on one relationship with your email readers.  Use our Filters to target and segment so that relevant content get’s to the right readers, like a birthday wish!

What filters can do for you

Create emails to send to specific subscribers based on their preferences, behaviour, location and when it’s their birthday.

  • Send redeemable birthday vouchers to readers on their birthday
  • Send product promos to readers based on their interests and preferences
  • Send conference and event emails to readers based on location
  • Send a series of campaigns to readers based on their behaviour and actions on a previous email

Create a Filter

  • Click on ‘Contacts’ on the main menu bar and ‘Filters’ in the dropdown.
  • Click on ‘New,‘ give your filter a name and description.
  • Choose the ‘Contacts’ tab for filtering on gender, preference or birth dates
  • Choose the ‘Activity’ tab for filtering on subscriber behavior like  ‘has read,‘ ‘has not read,’ ‘has clicked,‘ or ‘has not clicked.’
  • Activity filters will show all the messages sent to that list and the links (if you selected “has clicked” or “has not clicked”).
  • Select the message and links.
  • Choose the ‘Geo-location’ tab for filtering based on reader location
  • Save the filter once you’ve chosen the properties.

How do I know the filter works?

You can test your filter in the ‘Results’ tab by choosing the list you’re going to send to and apply the filter. The results will show how many recipients have the properties you’ve chosen. Remember this number, because you’re going to match it to the number of recipients when you’re ready to send your email.

When you’re in step 3 of 3 of creating your email, you’ll choose the actual list you’re going to send to.  You’ll also select the ‘Filter lists’ checkbox and choose the filter you’ve created from the dropdown. Refresh the count and the total recipients should match the number you had when testing the filter results.

If your list has 2000 readers you should be sending to a portion of that list.

If the filter was not set up correctly you’d probably still send 2000 emails to the entire list of recipients.