Share content on your corporate social accounts

everlyticsocialintegration (1)

Share your newsletter content to your corporate social accounts in addition to letting subscribers share it on their personal social accounts.

Use social integration to add your company Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles in Everlytic. You’ll be able to post directly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn when composing your newsletter.

Once your email is ready to be sent to subscribers, you can choose which social accounts it will be shared to. Post content online to as many social accounts as you want to, not only to your corporate profile but those of colleagues and even add status updates from within Everlytic.

  • Click on ‘Social Integration’ under ‘Messages’ on the main menu
  • Click on ‘New’  to add the social network of your choice. Authorise access to each account from Everlytic.
  • Create your email and in step 3 select the ‘Social links’ checkbox and post it to any or all social networks.

Integrate socially, share campaigns and track results.