Sage Pastel Accounting

Everlytic is quite an intuitive system which is easy to use, with little to no training required. The turnaround time from implementation through to support and ultimately billing is great. It is all done in next to no time. Everlytic’s reporting capabilities are just phenomenal providing you with a great overview of who opened and who clicked and this is the information we are looking for.

Mail & Guardian

Everlytic takes all the stress out of managing our many newsletters and mailing lists. It’s a truly world class product with a great support team. It has saved us a lot of money, time and anxiety over the years. In fact I hardly think about Everlytic most weeks – it just does the job for us, quickly, quietly and well.That, for me, is an ideal service.

Leisure Books

At Leisure Books we are very confident that our newsletters will arrive in our clients’ inboxes and that it will help us along with our marketing efforts. Everlytic has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Everything from the way it looks, to the results we are seeing – everything has just been a pleasure.

Sanlam Investments

Everlytic has helped us to channel, time and schedule our communications to our clients. We can plan ahead, monitor and do the necessary reporting. Everlytic is effective and has transformed the way we communicate to our clients to be truly customer-centric.


Everlytic has enhanced the way we can communicate to our clients, it is a local company and user-friendly. The number one feature we found in the Everlytic system is the reporting. This gives us an understanding of what our merchants want to read about, so that we can put more effort into the type of content that they are interested in.


Everlytic has allowed us to remain being the experts in travel. Everlytic is the expert in email marketing, so the relationship has worked really well together and it has enhanced our marketing above anything we could imagine. Everlytic fits perfectly with Pentravel because we believe that our clients are everything and you can see for Everlytic their clients are their everything.


Everlytic to me in one word would be empowering. Everlytic has really empowered my team to be better marketers and also provide better service and communications to our clients and also better content to our customers. The support team at Everlytic is really amazing and this is the reason why I’ve had such a long relationship with them.

University of Stellenbosch

Using Everlytic has made our corporate communications so much easier. We had a need for a bulk email tool and had a look at a variety of products. Everlytic was the answer as it was very easy to use and we love the statistics that we were able to get from it. Everlytic is reliable and efficient and working with the support team is awesome.

Retail Tribe

Everlytic has helped our open rates increase across the globe by about 3%, which has been fantastic for us as a business. Everlytic is an essential part of Retail Tribe’s business, helping us deliver to our customers on a weekly basis. Our customers will not be able to live without the in-depth reports we are able to provide to them on a weekly basis.